Residential Plumbing

When you need a plumber, you expect a responsive, thorough, hard-working professional for every job, every time. At Wade's Precise Plumbing, that's our standard, and our standard is non-negotiable.

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Residential Plumbing

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The plumbing in your home needs to be properly cared for to ensure optimal functionality and reduce stress for you in the future. Wade’s Precise Plumbing is detail-oriented for your convenience. Our all-encompassing residential plumbing services are tailored to your home rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. We don’t find the easiest fix for your plumbing issue; we go with the best one.

Our full list of residential plumbing services includes:

  • Emergency repairs

  • Water heater installations (gas and electric)

  • Toilet installations and replacements

  • Hot and cold water supply repairs and installations

  • Sewer pipe installations and repairs

  • Bathroom and kitchen faucet installation and replacements

  • Tub and shower installations and replacements

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Wade’s Precise Plumbing is prepared for any and all emergencies that may arise in your home, any time. We believe in emergency preparedness, which is why we provide 24/7 emergency services in the event you need a plumber now.

Emergency plumbing services include:

  • Broken water pipes

  • Blocked drains

  • Running or overflowing toilet

  • Water heater flooding

  • Gas leaks

For more information about our emergency services, visit our Emergency Repairs page.

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A properly functioning toilet and sink are not only preferable for your convenience, they’re necessary to maintain your property. Wade’s Precise Plumbing in New Orleans has the experience and knowledge necessary to install and replace bathroom and kitchen appliances. This is to ensure you personally avoid leaks, blocks, flooding, and more.


Don’t wait for your plumbing to break beyond repair! We are professionals with the knowledge and experience needed to fix your residential plumbing right the first time. Don’t feel like you have to take a crack at it on your own.

Call Wade’s Precise Plumbing now!

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Water Heater Installations

Wade’s Precise Plumbing has the knowledge and experience needed to install a new water heater for your residential or commercial property. Rather than risk damaging the heater by installing it yourself, trust us to do it to save you the time and frustration!

A functioning water heater provides warm and hot water throughout your home or office, which is necessary for washing your hands, doing dishes, taking a shower, and more. If your heater is not operating at its full abilities, it can be inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst.

Wade’s Precise Plumbing installs gas and electric water heaters so you are always sure to have hot water. We work with you to find a heater suited for your property that is within budget and works every time.


  1. No hot water
  2. Not enough hot water
  3. Temperature of water is too hot or too cold
  4. Hot water is leaking
  5. Discolored water

When you work with Wade’s Precise Plumbing, you can be sure we get the job done right the first time around to save you time, money, and stress. Contact us for a water heater installation today!

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Hot & Cold Water Supply

A hot and cold water system provides potable water to your home or office for necessary use. Everything from drinking water to water for washing your clothes depends on your hot and cold water supply.

A hot and cold water supply moves through the same pipes, but just before connecting with the water heater, the main line splits into two different paths for the hot and cold service lines. We take the time and care needed to install or replace this important system in your home without compromising on quality.


  • Low water pressure

  • Incorrect sizing

  • Leaky or burst pipes

  • Water temperature

  • Corroded metal inside the pipe

Although installing a hot and cold water supply is relatively easy, doing so incorrectly can leave you without hot water or cause leaks that affect temperature and pressure. Trust the professionals of Wade’s Precise Plumbing to install and repair your water supply. We don’t cut corners when it comes to your home or office’s water. Having cool drinking water in your home is not an amenity, it’s a necessity! Don’t compromise quality for cost. Wade’s Precise Plumbing is available to install a water supply for you at any time.

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Bathroom & Kitchen Faucet

Your bathroom and kitchen sink can make all the difference between you liking your home and loving it! With Wade’s Precise Plumbing, we work with you to maintain the sinks in your home so they operate as they should and save you future headaches and money.

A leaky faucet is annoying at minimum, drip drip dripping away while you try to enjoy dinner or watch your favorite show. At worst, it can lead to mold growth, which is the last thing you want in your bathroom or kitchen. Wade’s Precise Plumbing is here to help. We offer bathroom and kitchen faucet installations and repairs so you’re sure to have a sink that is not only right for your home, but works as it should at all times.


Overtime, a faucet can create hard water and mineral build up on your sink. A faulty faucet can also affect water pressure, which is frustrating as you are trying to wash your hands or do dishes. Signs it may be time for a new faucet include:

  • Rust

  • Hard-water stains

  • Mineral deposits

  • Mold

  • Leaks

  • Sprays

Contact Wade’s Precise Plumbing for a faucet replacement or new installation for your home or office today!

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Toilet Installations and Replacements

On a list of priority items that need to work correctly in your home or business, a toilet is close to the top! Humans spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom, so it only makes sense for your toilet to operate properly without risk of overflowing, leaking, or backing up.

A dysfunctional toilet is a nightmare. Maybe yours is cracked or uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s discolored and stained, unappealing to the eye of your guests and customers. At worst, it moves when you sit, which is unsafe, or it runs constantly, wasting water and money. A good toilet is non-negotiable when it comes to your home. Contact Wade’s Precise Plumbing for a new toilet today!


A stuck handle or a one-time clog is one thing; ongoing issues are another. It’s time to replace your toilet if it:

  • Requires constant repairs

  • Continues to overflow or clog

  • Does not flush properly most of the time

  • Runs constantly

  • Has cracks in the bowl, lid, or seat

  • Wobbles and shakes

Don’t take a chance with an outdated toilet. Wade’s Precise Plumbing provides toilet installations and replacements for your convenience so your home or office bathroom can carry on business as usual. Be sure to call us with any questions, concerns, and more today!

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Tub & Shower Installations and Replacements

A proper bathtub or shower in your home can make all the difference between turning a functional, necessary space into a relaxing, wonderful escape. Wade’s Precise Plumbing in New Orleans provides tub and shower installations and replacements for those who simply cannot do without them in their homes.


Our team at Wade’s Precise Plumbing is trained to ensure your shower pan is installed correctly so water flows down your drain correctly without risks of leaks or mold. We can also install a new tub in your bathroom in the event your previous one is cracked, stained, or just flat out uncomfortable. A proper shower and bathtub not only affect your ability to relax while you bathe, they also improve your safety. A tub that is too slick to stand in or a shower coated with mold is not something you should ever have to deal with on your own.


Call Wade’s Precise Plumbing to install or replace your tub and/or shower if:

  • Your home currently does not have a tub or shower

  • It's stained

  • It leaks

  • It has mold and mildew

  • It is difficult to use, enter, or exit

  • Your bathroom is in need of a ‘facelift’

  • You want to increase the value of your home

Contact us to replace and install a shower or tub for your home today!

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